Day 6 1

Church Revitalization - Ken Allen

Meet Ken Allen. As church health strategist for the State Board of Missions, he leads church revitalization efforts among churches facing plateaued or declining attendance and growth. He also works in the areas of leadership development, church renewal, coaching, strategic planning and bivocational ministry.

Ken loves meeting with pastors both in group settings or one on one. “There is no substitute for getting out of the office and hearing from pastors and the current condition for a local body of believers,” he said. His passion for pastors runs deep and is part of what he calls his own “pastoral calling” from the Lord.

Ken and his team at the State Board of Missions coordinate a network of church revitalization coaches who walk hand in hand with pastors and churches around the state as they seek to intentionally renew the journey toward health and Kingdom effectiveness. They lead pastors and key leaders through an honest time of assessment and extended prayer before the first tangible action is ever taken. This “unseen work” is a key to true revitalization, Ken says.

Meet Your Missionary:

How you can pray...

Pray for Ken Allen and his colleagues at the State Board of Missions as they continue developing a strategy for meeting the church health needs across our Alabama Baptist family.

Pray for wisdom regarding how to best assist each church and their particular personality.

Ask the Lord to awaken His church to His purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission and for those congregations who face plateaued or declining spiritual growth.

Pray that there would be an army of church revitalizers rising up in Alabama to help coach others toward renewed focus and vision.