Day 4 1

Church Planting - Brian Harper

Meet Brian Harper. As lead church planting strategist for the State Board of Missions, and one of our newest state missionaries, he oversees training and coaching efforts among the state’s current and potential church planters. 

Building on the foundation laid by his beloved predecessor, the late Lamar Duke, Brian and his team have a comprehensive strategy to increase the number of church plants in Alabama. The church planting process involves three steps: assessment, training, and coaching. A network of support can make a huge difference in the life of a church planter.

According to Brian, “there is no greater joy than seeing a church birthed.” He longs to see a long-term body of believers firmly established in every community in our state. After all, his missions and church planting experience began in Alabama. Since then he has been all over the U.S. and around the world serving in that capacity.

Today, Brian and his team at the State Board of Missions are serving Christ by serving church planters as they work together to build His church for the next generations in Alabama.

Meet Your Missionary:

How you can pray...

Pray for Brian Harper and his colleagues at the State Board of Missions as they serve church planters.

Pray for a clear understanding of where God is working strongly in church planting and how to create better systems and processes to grow the impact.

Pray for more associations and churches that would seek to partner with and send out planters to the harvest fields in Alabama.