Day 7 1

Disaster Relief - Mark Wakefield

Meet Mark Wakefield. As the disaster relief and chaplaincy ministries strategist for the State Board of Missions, he coordinates all Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief efforts for the state and oversees the work of chaplains. 

Mark’s favorite part of his job is seeing people find a way to serve the Lord and serve other people. And serve, they do. Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers, known as the Yellow Shirt Army, are world renowned for sacrificial service during difficult times.

According to Mark, these volunteers are the heart and soul of disaster relief, recovery and rebuilding “I love watching a volunteer see for the first time that they can truly be used by the Lord to make a difference,” he said. “Sometimes it is as if the light comes on for them.” And once the light comes on there’s no stopping them. 

Mark and his team at the State Board of Missions work tirelessly to recruit and train volunteers ahead of a crisis, equip and coordinate deployments after a disaster, and oversee long-term recovery efforts for healing and restoration of survivors. 

Meet Your Missionary:

How you can pray...

Pray for Mark Wakefield and his colleagues at the State Board of Missions as they train and equip volunteers to respond quickly, powerfully and in an orderly manner when disaster strikes.

Pray for the Yellow Shirt Army of volunteers. Pray that they will represent Christ well and bring hope to the hurting.

Pray for volunteers who coordinate deployments that they may have wisdom, patience, and strength.

Pray for more volunteers to obey God's call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the midst of crisis.