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Disaster Relief

In April, while Alabama was still under a “shelter-in-place” order, a series of storms violated the stay-at-home rule. On Easter Sunday, 26 tornadoes ravaged north Alabama. A week later, south Alabama was hit with eight tornadoes, and a particularly dangerous thunderstorm produced near-90-mph straight-line winds in a large section of central Alabama.

Countless trees came crashing down on homes, campers, cars and more. The widespread destruction was incredible — as was the fact that more people weren’t hurt.

Immediately, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief chainsaw teams began cleaning up the massive debris. Cleanup/recovery teams and chaplains were deployed. Feeding units provided meals for workers and survivors. 

Volunteers with Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief, known as the Yellow Shirt Army, were serving beautifully, as they have been trained and equipped to do, but this time in a socially distant, COVID-pandemic atmosphere. It was a challenge, but not a deterrent. After Kris Rambo, Rockford’s town clerk, witnessed a team’s work on her property, she said, “I’ll never forget it. I have joked and I mean it, I think yellow has become my favorite color.”

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How you can pray...

Pray for the Yellow Shirt Army of volunteers as they serve during times of crisis, even during pandemics.

Pray for spiritual fruit from the many seeds that were sown back in April and throughout the year.

Pray for protection and provision as these volunteers give of their hard work, time, sweat and tears in service to the Lord.

Pray for more people to be trained ahead of disasters, so they will be ready at a moment's notice when people are hurting.