Day 1 1

General Prayer

Earlier this year, churches all over the world were forced to find new and creative ways to gather in corporate worship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alabama Baptists were no different. With a barrage of sudden shifts caused by the virus, it was comforting to see one thing that never changes — a resolute focus on the Great Commission and its impact on our state. 

As we kick off the fifth annual Week of Prayer for State Missions, Alabama Baptists are invited to refocus on the most important never changing truth of the Gospel. Our state needs a fresh touch from the Prince of Peace perhaps more than ever before. Let’s bind our hearts together in intercession before His throne this week.

Join us in boldly praying for the state missionaries and Great Commission Ministries featured in this prayer guide. And prayerfully consider your gift to the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering, as it helps equip Alabama Baptists to bring into focus the peace of the Gospel in our local communities and beyond. 

How you can pray...

Pray for a renewed focus on God's never-changing Spirit across our state and beyond.

Pray for Alabama WMU as they equip the local church to live out a missions lifestyle.

Pray for long-term Disaster Relief efforts still ongoing in areas of recent catastrophes.

Pray for Church Planting efforts among the unreached and unchurched in our state.

Pray for Church Revitalization to take place among plateaued or declining churches.

Pray for local churches to commit to making Partnership Missions a priority.

Pray for great effectiveness among the staff of your Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions & Alabama WMU.