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Week of Prayer Videos

The videos below are designed for use in worship services and prayer gatherings related to the Week of Prayer for State Missions and promotion of the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering. Five videos have versions that are around 2:00 or less, and would be ideal for worship service settings: Fruitful, Disaster Relief-New Feeding Unit, Alabama WMU-Missions Adventure Camp, Partnership Missions, and Disaster Relief-Lee County. You might choose to show them on the two Sundays of the Week of Prayer. All of the videos would be appropriate for viewing by individuals or small groups on their designated days as you follow the Week of Prayer Guide.

Day 1 (or any time) General Introduction - Fruitful

This video provides an overview of the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering and the Great Commission Ministries it supports. This feature would be ideal for a church-wide emphasis on Sunday, September 8.


Day 2 Disaster Relief – Lee County

Learn how Alabama Baptists were able to respond swiftly following the deadly March 2019 tornadoes in Lee County, largely because of your offering gifts and the vision of a church in the impact zone.

(3:27) / (2:04)

Day 3 Alabama WMU – Missions Adventure Camp

With the addition of Adventure Camp for Boys, Alabama WMU’s WorldSong Missions Place can offer expanded opportunities for missions education.

(2:41) / (1:59)

Day 4 Church Planting

Meet the newest state missionary Annel Robayna and learn about his passion for equipping Hispanic churches and ministries in Alabama.


Day 5 Partnership Missions

Discover how Jae McKee is providing a connecting missional link between his home state of Alabama and Alaska.

(3:53) / (2:12)

Day 6 Church Revitalization

Church health specialist George Yates shares about some resources available to churches.


Day 7 Disaster Relief – New Feeding Unit

Meet the newest addition to Alabama Baptists’ fleet of disaster relief vehicles: a midsize feeding unit, made possible by offering gifts.

(3:46) / (1:53)

Day 8 Alabama WMU – Christmas Backpacks

Hear from missionary Bill Barker how Alabama’s donations of Christmas Backpacks are changing lives along the Mississippi River.


Any Day Two Spiritual Giants

Learn more about the offering’s two namesakes, Martha Myers and Kathleen Mallory.


The videos on this site may also be ordered on DVD by contacting Alabama WMU at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 325, or emailing Kathryn Helms at [email protected].