Week of Prayer

praying handsThe culture around us is changing. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ stays the same. It is a strong, powerful truth that binds Alabama Baptists together and keeps us strong in Him.

We are strong, indeed. Last year our Alabama Baptist churches saw more than 13,400 reported baptisms. That’s not just a number on a page. That’s a representation of at least that many souls that came to know Jesus Christ as Savior and followed through with believer’s baptism.

While these baptisms are worthy of celebration, there is much still to be done. With almost two million Alabamians claiming no religion at all and untold numbers in need of the Gospel, now is the time for the church to engage our state like never before.

That is why this Week of Prayer for State Missions and the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering are so important. You will read about vital Great Commission Ministries that are keeping the Gospel front and center and helping us stay strong regardless of circumstance.

As you pray through the Prayer Guide this week, you will be joining a chorus of intercession for state missions. Sincerely pray for the specific needs and ministries listed. Also pray fervently, as the Lord leads, that Alabama Baptists will stay spiritually strong in the days ahead.

  • PRAY FOR the many state missionaries and staff members of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions who serve the Lord by serving His churches.
  • PRAY FOR the staff of Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union as they work to encourage missional living among Baptists in Alabama.
  • PRAY FOR our Alabama-grown missionaries on the field, along with the thousands of pastors and church planters who are working to reach the lost in our state, across the nation, and around the world.