Partnership Missions

Last summer, First Baptist Church, Monroeville, embarked on a mission trip that would take them far away from everything familiar. So far from home, in fact, that Pastor Micah Gandy says if they had gone any further, they would be on their way back!

The church had a dual motivation for going to South Asia. Aside from helping with evangelism training, they were on a mission to check on one of their own members who was serving as a Journeyman with the International Mission Board.

The trip was physically taxing, but the rewards eternal. The missionary (“Bob”) had been diligently working to map out unreached people groups during his time there, and the team’s arrival turned out to be providential.

Over breakfast one morning, “Bob” was chatting with the team translators. In passing, he mentioned a certain micro people group that he was having trouble accessing. He couldn’t believe his ears when one translator excitedly told him that he knew some of those people personally!

Pastor Micah is humbled by the fact that this little group from Alabama may be the tool God uses to reach an entire people group. He believes wholeheartedly the Lord sent them to Asia for this. “This isn’t by chance. The Lord works things out by His own will; He’s ordering our steps. The whole thing is just incredibly awesome,” he said.

As long as Alabama Baptists stay strong in our missions partnerships, incredible acts of Providence will continue to amaze.

  • Pray for our 300+ homegrown Alabama Baptist missionaries serving in every region of the world through the International Mission Board and all across North America.
  • Thank God for the faithfulness of FBC Monroeville and dozens of other Alabama Baptist churches to go and make disciples of all nations. Ask the Lord to send out more teams to serve and more churches to encourage our missionaries on the field.
  • Pray for the thousands of remaining Unengaged, Unreached People Groups around the world and for those who are actively seeking to reach them