Disaster Relief

\"\"Long before a deadly E-F 4 tornado hit the community of Beauregard in Lee County earlier this year, God had begun preparing His local church for such a moment. In His great sovereignty, He had placed a burden on the pastor and leadership of Providence Baptist Church to build a building for the purpose of serving people after weather disasters.

Lee County often sees an influx of evacuees from Gulf hurricanes, and this building has been a blessing to many. Little did they know, it would turn into ground zero for responding to the deadliest tornado to hit the U.S. in nearly six years.

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief and the church partnered together for a swift, organized and powerful response that is still producing spiritual fruit today. The Yellow Shirt Army was on the scene immediately after the outbreak. Chainsaws buzzed, helping to clean up. Chaplains ministered to those who were hurting and grieving.

Providence Baptist became the community’s main distribution center, serving as a location for donation drop-offs and pick-ups. The Disaster Relief Laundry Unit served residents and responders alike, and the Disaster Relief Command Center kept track of the significant schedules and logistics for the response team.

As everyone came together, the local community was touched to see the outpouring of Jesus’ love for them. And it all started with obedience to God’s call to prepare and serve—by a local church body and by volunteers with Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief…and by people like you who pray and give through the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering.

  • Pray for Pastor Rusty Sowell and Providence Baptist Church as they continue ministering in the midst of grief and tragedy.

  • Pray for the church’s ongoing support groups, outreach ministries and long-term recovery efforts in the community.

  • Pray for endurance and continued passion, focus and energy for the Yellow Shirt Army of Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers who serve so selflessly whenever and wherever crisis strikes.