Disaster Relief

Midfield Alabama Disaster ReliefIn June 2017—two months before Harvey, Irma and Maria—no one was really thinking about hurricane-force winds. Yet a small, but powerful Tropical Storm Cindy impacted the town of Midfield, Ala., in a big way.

Remnants of the storm spun off a tornado in the small community near Birmingham, leaving heavy tree damage and debris. A commercial shopping area was damaged, and city leaders had their hands full with the aftermath. Numerous power lines were down in the hardest-hit neighborhoods. The need quickly overwhelmed the resources and manpower of this small town.

Pastor Herman Henderson and Believer’s Temple Church, a member of the Bessemer Baptist Association, happened to be located nearby. The congregation is experienced in disaster relief. They quickly set up on a corner in the hardest-hit area, and it wasn’t long before the “Yellow Shirt Army” of Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers arrived to assist.

Pastor Herman said that God used the tornado to paint a beautiful picture for the community. “They were able to see how people of all races and walks of life can work together as a team and stay true to the vision,” he said. “It was a powerful tool that God used to bring people together.”

Only God can take something like a natural disaster and use it to build a community that is stronger than before.

  • PRAY FOR more volunteers to be trained for service in Alabama Disaster Relief so they can be the hands and feet of Jesus to others in their time of need.
  • PRAY FOR communities that have suffered a crisis. Pray for the long-term recovery efforts to address the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that needs to take place.
  • PRAY FOR the Disaster Relief team at the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions as they train others to respond to natural disasters.