Disaster Relief

Last year’s unprecedented hurricane season was one for the record books. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria wreaked havoc from Texas to Florida to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. As big as the path of destruction was, though, it paled in comparison to the big-hearted response of Alabama Baptists.

Thanks, in part, to gifts to the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering and through the Cooperative Program, the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions was able to respond immediately with monetary relief funds to the state conventions of the affected areas. A “Yellow Shirt Army” of volunteers was already trained and ready to deploy, and the necessary tools and infrastructure were already in place before the storms hit.

Once each hurricane moved out, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief moved in with chainsaws and mud-out, feeding and shower unit capabilities. Volunteer teams served in the suburbs of Houston and then in Fort Myers, Fla. Later, additional teams deployed to Puerto Rico.

Back home, the hurricanes served as a poignant reminder of the need to be trained and prepared. State missionaries and Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers scrambled to organize and carry out emergency trainings across the state. Local churches increased their goal for the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering, while simultaneously giving generously to specific hurricane relief efforts.

Alabama Baptists stood strong before, during and after the storm, and the hurricanes of 2017 led to one of our finest responses ever.

  • Pray for survivors of the multiple hurricanes experienced last year. Many are still trying to get back on their feet. Pray for physical, financial and spiritual restoration.
  • Pray for the brave leaders and volunteers who serve with Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief. Pray for those who are called out, and those who are not. Ask God to bless them and use them for His glory wherever they serve.
  • Pray for upcoming Disaster Relief trainings. Ask the Lord to send more men and women to prepare for service.